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I’ve been in practice for 20 years now and I find it amazing that we still don’t have a decent, weekly, news curation service for the chiropractic profession. Sure there are many paid “research reviews”, Facebook groups, and monthly publications available, but we are missing a weekly source for the latest and greatest in our profession.

So, I created one.

I hope to aggregate the best science, philosophy, technique, politics, regulatory, and school news into one source, delivered right to your inbox every Monday.

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The weekly ‘news roundup’ portion of this newsletter is FREE and will always remain. FREE.

To cover some of the costs incurred, we will allow some sponsorship and affiliate links from third parties that will be clearly labeled as “SPONSORED” above the post.

In the near future, I intend to include premium content consisting of interviews with successful chiropractors, researchers, and technique developers to help chiropractors grow and profit in their practices.

No BS. No Fluff. Just the good stuff. Coming soon…

I wanted to create a subscription-based newsletter for the chiropractic profession that will curate the best practices for building a successful business from people who have actually accomplished something.

This subscription-based portion of the newsletter will feature:

  • What works now and how to build an ethical and profitable business

  • Common practice mistakes and how to avoid them

  • How to structure a business and exit strategies

  • Owner vs. Associate vs. Independent Contractor

  • Money!

  • Interviews with successful chiropractors

  • Online Marketplace to buy and sell practices

  • Connect associates and independent contractors with

You will also get access to our exclusive group message board where we chiropractors and students can post comments, ask questions, sell practices, hire associates etc.

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